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Imara Restaurant Profile

Imara Restaurant Visited 6674 times
IMARA restaurant was format in 2001 by HICHAM HADDAD. HICHAM is a Lebanese singer also involved in family business in the field of construction since he was in university; being an active person he was also in car races and planned to build carting arena for kids and transferred this idea to a restaurant and park later on execution.
Living in MANSOURIEH, HICHAM always admired the view from his balcony to AYLOUT,it was a wonderful view for pine and olives trees that are famous in this area ;So he decided to execute his project combining a park with restaurant for people to enjoy this beautiful nature in open air space with an open sky and fresh air among thousands of pine trees.
With his experience in construction, HICHAM designed and executed IMARA with his own equipments and staff, taking care of the slightest details to satisfy his desire for protection. Beside the beauty of the nature in AYLOUT, the area also have old precious houses two hundred years old most of them were abandoned after the second world war; HICHAM inspired from this environment and maintained its natural beauty, insisted on keeping the trees houses and stones the way they were, so he built in between what made his project more difficult but more precious ;In spite of that he planted new trees of different kinds even exotic ones and added water fountains and waterfalls.
On your way from MKALLES to AYLOUT a big stone weights tons stops you on which is engraved IMARA RESTAURANT-PARK, next to it a curved entrance two hundred years old brought from an old Lebanese house to match with the old olive trees covering the entrance; from there you get to the different sections of IMARA. IMARA RESTAURANT-PARK is planted on five thousand SQM, inside which a typical old Lebanese house giving IMARA a cozy atmosphere; HICHAM HADDAD insisted on keeping the old Lebanese style and added chairs to it and created ''DIWANS'' inside the house, that is the oriental hall decorated with wood and called the CAVE; Couples are enjoying this romantic place, it is holding birthdays and dancing parties and is used in both winter and summer for its brilliant atmosphere .The house consists on another hall the winter hall with a bar ,enough for more than one hundred persons ;With an indoor giant screen for events and sports championships.
Going outside you get to the bar tent, it is made of old wood and HICHAM designed it in a creative way in order to avoid intersections inside the tent, it is built on twenty wood bars giving it the traditional Lebanese style but HICHAM also gave it a Hawaiian style, it is one hundred percent rounded on the top with the drinking bar in the middle built with original stones, the has a circle shape similar to the summit of the tent, it is covered with palm leaves getting to the section called S-5, which is an indoor seated flat area ,it is used for big events, cocktail receptions and weddings ,it also has a giant screen which is directly connected to photographs cameras to transmit the ceremony live on the screen which is placed in a special way to enable everybody in IMARA to watch the celebration.
In this beautiful nature, the construction of a bridge was necessary to add beauty to the view and to expand the beauty of IMARA, so the bridge was made of wood with a waterfall running under it leading into a river with stones inside the river to look exactly like a natural one, this bridge leads to a special corner in IMARA for a quiet atmosphere .In the middle of IMARA a fountain with a shape of volcano that is adding more eccentricity and inquiry to IMARA.
Nothing in IMARA is ordinary, everything is inspired from nature and executed with accuracy; the dream in every one of us is simply executed in IMARA with HICHAM touch and devotion.
IMARA is receiving celebrations up to one thousand people; the park is full of games and toys all safe for children it has a big variety for kids to play.
What is important that IMARA has a different levels and various sections, rectangulars and circles with corners of cozy atmospheres and spaces for wild parties ;The kids enjoy the park ,the teenagers the romantic spots and the middle aged and old enjoy the restaurant and the dancing areas.
IMARA restaurant serves different types of food, the fern, the traditional Lebanese food, an international cuisine and the fast food, that makes is iniquity.
For the coming season, HICHAM has a new plan to add two thousand SQM to IMARA and built tennis and basketball courts to the park, more toys for kids and a new area specialized in wedding ceremonies.

Tel: 04 401 513

Mansourieh, Aylout - ESIB Street
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